Storage Unit Calculator

Before you stress out at the idea of calculating your rental size, take a gander at our online tool! With just a few minutes and clicks, it will determine which of our unit sizes will be most accommodating for your collection of belongings. It couldn’t be any simpler to use.
Use this calculator before you contact us and you’ll be ready to reserve your storage unit in minutes. Or, if you’d prefer a more personal touch, give us a call and we’ll guide you through the process of selecting your space. No matter your style, you’ll find the answers you need.
Bed, King Size
approximately 70 cubic feet
Bed, Double Size
approximately 55 cubic feet
Bed, Single
approximately 40 cubic feet
Bed, Bunk (set of 2)
approximately 70 cubic feet
Dresser, Chest of Drawers
approximately 30 cubic feet
Cedar Chest
approximately 15 cubic feet
Ironing Board
approximately 10 cubic feet
Side Tables
approximately 10 cubic feet
Wardrobe Boxes (30 hangers)
approximately 10 cubic feet
approximately 10 cubic feet

Size Suggestion

To receive a size suggestion, select the items you wish to store.